films that are food related - second reel

eat, drink, man, woman

this is another kicker
the film itself is great but greater are the recipes and methods shown
the sequences were food is shown in preparation are the best parts
otherwise the film is family drama at its best
implying ang lee at his best

i have some aversions towards this genre
but ice storm
i liked better
as a film
and so did i like pushing hands better than this
ang lee's first film
dealing with internal martial arts
this is also in the family drama genre

on the dvd extras ang lee said that whilst growing up he
would watch soap operas
and chinese kung fu films
this of course explains a lot about his film portfolio

the story is about an old chinese chef who has lost the sense of taste
he has also lost some other important things in life due to certain circumstances
the film shows us this and the finding of those important things

the chef's brother also a chef
advises him that he uses his intellect too much when it comes to the preparation of his food
and by this his taste (experiential) has diminshed
he infact has relied always upon his brother for the preparation of food since the main character has lost his sense of taste (physiological)

this is scary actually
i didnt know one could lose the sense of taste
not to worry if that ever happens its a long way off

skip to the end
its a very sweet film
stay tuned for the next one in this series probably being Tampopo
the Japanese film about noodles

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