intro to the bistro

this is my new blog
it will be about food
"Zaqqu Mimlijja" in my language
means "stomach-full" with the gender indicative of male
as opposed to "zaqqha mimlijja" which would be indicative of a female

in other words the title of this blog indicates that i am male

it also indicates that i am stomach-full

however psychologically i have trained myself over the years to believe that i am not stomach-full which results in keeping me in a healthy, eye-pleasing, round figure

thus what i would like to do with this blog is write about one of my most-favorite pastimes, that of food

my topics will vary from

to puke-my-heart-out-disgusting
restaurant reviews, when i get to go to them
dieting, and my exploits(read blunders) in the field
writing out recipies for my readers to try at home
and other food related business

i m sorry i write in this annoying manner
however you will get used to reading through this slick type of punctuation
and also i m sorry for those of you who think i should write in maltese but i succumb to too many spelling mistakes to attempt that

furthermore i would not like to pose as a gourmet
moustache twirling
lip smacking
wine connoisseur fat fuck

i am fat
however i believe that food is such an integral part of daily life that bla bla

ok scratch that
i m writing about food because i find that analysis, discussion and extrapolation of human experience into written or spoken language is a great experience within itself

i also feel that people should talk and write more about food
since this will heighten their eating experiences

my restaurant reviews will not always include established restaurants
but also small eateries
infact today i intend to start with something small
i dedicate this first blog entry to...

Meet 'n' Eat
Custard Pie

this is a small sweet pastry that the proprietors of this nice cafeteria just outside university
keep half hidden in the pastry section's top left corner near their other passable chocolate croissants

this item is of course in full display
but by half hidden i mean that these people should advertise this little gem of a hot desert much better
they should patent it or something
wrap it in small plastic bags and market it to the rest of the island

the pastry reminds you of a sweet version of a good sunday morning pastizz
and the custard melting out of the small crust envelope gives the inside of your mouth the direct gastronomic demonstration of "simple yet indulgent"

if you happen to pass by
go in and ask them for it
when they ask you whether you want it warmed up, reply in the positive

if you are hungrier than that accompany this desert with one of their toasted sandwiched buns,

so far my favorite is the chicken and mushroom entry

gastronomically yours


1 comment:

Elis said...

"furthermore i would not like to pose as a gourmet
moustache twirling
lip smacking
wine connoisseur fat fuck"

Maybe you should reconsider this reviewing business and become a poet! Seriously though, I'm digging the down-to-earth feel this blog has.

On another note, if you don't shave you'll be twrling a moustache by the time you sit for your finals. In turn, I can keep on drinking-at-home, to spare you the wine connoisseur part. Yes. I'm kidding you.