red bull - draft

the improtance of red bull to contemporary society will be one of historical significance
i dont know its like a gut feeling
the design of this product is very very stylish
i couldn't find a picture of the glass bottle design
we get in malta
i will post one as soon as i do
i think it is the nicest of red bull presentations
drinking red bull out of a a glass bottle
is a treat i do not often allow myself

it is not a modestly priced beverage
and it is not intended for frequent consumption
i would think

should be used especially as a functional item
this magical little bottle
can supply you with an immediately perceiveable energy store

sometimes i am very health conscious
and infact i drink coffee and tea occasionally
i love teas
coffee is not a dislike
but it is more of a little love hate relationship
my tastebuds do not deny the nice taste that the coffee gives
the problem is that it is psychologically directly linked to the stomach rumbling and gas forming that happens direct afterwards
if it was for the farts alone
it would be very acceptable
it causes me some pain in the abdomen area
so for this reason i avoid coffee

monday night i was offered coffee at a friend's house
(thanks stan)
another sideeffect of the coffe relationship i have is that
my immunity to the caffeine is very low
so if i drink any caffeneited drinks after 9ish
i will not manage to sleep during the night

this happened to me on monday night so tuesday i had to go to university and help out in editing a video
while i was dozing off and fighting to stay up
the red bull really helped in this respect


magnumT said...

Red Bull is not meant for human consumption because it is pretty disgusting.

Glen Galea said...

i will moderate your ass if you keep saying these idiocies

nurse pica said...

i think red bull tastes a bit like calpol...however it is very very effective and i used to mix it with vodka when i was a teenager and the night would be fun, pissed and energized.

pity its so god damn fattening.

Elis said...

The last I had red bull at all was around 6 years back while running a very high fever and (very idioctically) partying into the wee hours. It helped keep me alive but I must have had around 6 bottles of it and the next day I became so ill I seriously thought I was just going to pass out and... uh... die.

So I've had no red bull at all since. And it's entirely myfault that I fear it like the bubonic plague.

Coffee and tea are another story. Used to drink 6-10 cups of tea again. Now I drink that same amount, in coffee. Was only provided with 2 sachets of coffee per day in Brussels. I thought I was going to go mad and actually begged other tenants to give me theirs (some tea fanatics had no problem with that). Meh. I'm neurotic.