tex mex - ribs

for my easter lunch
my number one dining compadre
andrea took me to tex mex
near preluna towers in sliema
we got there by 11 30
and the place was empty
however it was to be fully booked at oneish
they still let us eat since we were there before the rush

after offering us their varied fish specimens
and offering us some special of the easter sunday 3 course meal
we informed the slightly blunt but not unfriendly manager acting as waiter who spoke as if he owns the place
(so he probably does)
that we already know what we came for
and that was ribs
we ordered the double rack entree
which had the "(if you can handle it)" remark next to it on the menu
thats the cooler version of his name
did handle it
but me
with all my eating bravados history and pomp
left a meatful couple of ribs on the plate

the ribs we ordered (refer to picture(when i post it))
were one cooked in tex mex house recipe bbq sauce and another cooked in cajun spice
all i can say here is that the presentation was very good
especially since having a recognizable part of a bovine carcass on a plate
is a very difficult presentation to fuck up

the meat was tender
while eating it i kept on thinking of how much that ruthless farmer must have kicked that cow in the ribs or something
kidding kidding
those are some residue vegan thoughts running around in my head
(ah yes veganism, one day i ll post about that)

after the meal we walked to spinola bay for ice cream at that ice cream shop
forgot the name
they have very good pistacco ice cream
and the strawberry tasted excellent aswell

amongst the many things
that i learnt today
what i must say about this
is that although meat is as good as it is
point blank, no debate
pigging out on it
must be bad since i didnt get hungry till up to 10:30 at night today
which is a bad sign
its back to half cooked greens and more fluids and juices tomorrow

of course it never hurts to remind yourself
here and there
that you are at the very top of the foodchain
and devour and lick clean the organ-casing of a cow

yours omnivourously


Elis said...

Since Tex Mex refurbished I must admit that both their thier service has become a tad disappointing. Although it's very difficult to complain about the food, we were near kicked out the last time I went there because there were a group of tourists insisting on a table. Not exactly nice... Sadly this wasn't the first time this had happened either and it wasn't as if we were hogging a table for nothing for hours on end. But hey, the food still gets thumbs up and it's not overpriced either.

Glen Galea said...

hehe yes our expereience was very similar
although i give them the easter sunday excuse
but the somewhat unfriednliness of the waiter/owner sucks i must say