Trattoria Fiorino D' Oro

if you re ever in the kennedy grove area
driving from st pauls bay to the st julians area
via the coast road
take a right into salina and take
the hill
known as the t'alla u ommu
to naxxar
it is now that you have to look out for an immediate open space
with a restaurant by the left and a space where about 6 cars can be parked
on the right
park there
and head into that restaurant on the other side

i wouldn't want to make this sound too praisy
but the host there is of the friendliest and most welcoming kind
the food is of the divinest type
and the atmosphere homlier than home

the prices are of course as wholesome as their food
however if i had to pay double what they ask for
for what they serve
i would
no regrets
and leave a good tip

my first meal there was the tagliatelle con tartufo nero
which was superb and made me love these people immediately
if you have never tried this
well you should of course
and i suggest no other place

a friend of mine known as il gabubu
who apparently cooks pasta all the time
once told me very wise words i think
he said
when you can eat a pasta's sauce on its own by the spoonful
then its definetely good sauce

i know this will sound sick and blown out of proportion and well maybe it is a little bit
but for the fiorino d'oro's
sugo col' tartufo nero the amount would be a pintful
then i might start to feel a bit *word-much-milder-than-"sick"*

then i ve taken the speck and parma ham sauce
with tagliatelle
exquisite here again

a stuffed calamari dish
twas good but i ll try something else on their fish menu next time cos it was the only low point for me
low is also an inappropriate word here

and a dish which was otherworldly
ravioli all quattro formaggi
the sauce has the four cheeses
not the filling
this was whoa

tasted off friends' plates:

ravioli with sage and butter sauce
this is fighting it out with that four cheese delight

tagliatelle col nero di sepia
yes yes yes the pattern you think you are noticing
is indeed forming here
twas outright and plain good

some char grilled meat steaks
the taste of well turned out camping trips
in the comfort of a chair
a table and appropriate light

tiramisu, apple pie, and tangerine pie
all these where the perfect accompaniments for those meals

last thing to say
in this blog-post lacking any hint of negativity
all the food mentioned is home made
including the pasta and the sauces of course
(ask for the in-season recipes [not included on the official menu])
even the deserts are homemade except for the icecream

the limoncello is also done in house
but i m not a great fan of this it seems
maybe its an acquired taste
who knows

the chef and owner is italian
not that it would mean anything to me usually
but well in this case it definitely does

they also bring out fresh fish on a big dish for you so you can tell them which one you want cooked
you can even not choose anything as i had done
and the lady didnt seem in the least bit bugged
i don't know i had to include this bit about the fish somewhere
didnt know where to put it
maybe when i mentioned the calamari thing would have been good
but ah anyway

looking forward to go again and try the sugo col' cingiale with some pasta
and maybe i ll choose one of those inviting fishes
or a proper plate of char grilled mammal flesh
who knows

off to sleep


Jackie said...

Hi Zaqqu mimlija or do you prefer me calling you Glen? Well if u see me you'll definitely call me zaqqa vojta weighing about 50 kilos.lol. Anyway I recently started working as a waitress at Trattoria Fiorino D'Oro and researching the place on the internet found your website. Really, was more trying to find the place's menu as I've got a weakness in the Italian language and as you know the chef 'il cuoco' is italian when he used to tell me what the food was, might as well could have spoken in Japanese, as never understood him so found your website quite helpful. You wrote up lots of what's on the menu and I looked them up.Was used to French menus and french cuisine in the catering business, though now it seems I'm getting by with Paolo and the italian food. Yeah his food is yummy,'da vero squisito'. Told Paula the host about you and your website and printed out your nice comments about the place and she was real thrilled as she was reading it as has no idea who you are. So if you ever read my comment on your zaqqu mimlija website I'de like you to know that both Paula and Paolo would like to meet you and thank you. Actually I'de like to meet you too. That's all for today. Buon appetito da Jackie.

Sheila said...

Hi Glenn,

I'm Sheila (Paola's daughter).I happened to be on Google and typed in mum's restaurant when i came across your website. I'm glad you loved the food.I would honestly recommend Trattoria Fiorino d'oro to anyone who loves quality food....it's home made and fresh and mum is a truly loving host. But what is a restaurant without a brilliant chef? Paolo is Italian and he cooks his dishes with so much pride.
Hope to meet you some day at Trattoria Fiorino d'oro.
If anyone would like to make a reservation call on 00356-21570999.
Buon Apetito!!