pie ala bob

"there was this one time at..."
cafe jubillee in gzira
where i found myself eagerly awaiting their salmon and bacon toasted baguette
this baguette when it did come was awesome
and truly great
however today's post is neither about the awesome toasted salmon baguette and neither the gorgonzola, walnut, and pear salad which preceded it and which i truly sincerely despised
it is instead about the dessert to that meal
when the waiter chick came to take our dessert order
it was the non-smoking party from the group left inside
me and drey
duo-ingly together

she told us what they had
and from the extensive list
one entree stuck out in my head
this was the cinnamon flavoured ice cream
i think we asked the girl to give us some thinking time

and as she left
andrea decisevely claimed his choice
which was the warm apple pie
up till there my choice had been the cinnamon ice cream
but in one creative, and decisive-claim-usurping move i said with an air of knowing it better:
apple pie with cinnamon ice cream
i remember what happened next was a laugh that sounded like a satisfied child's laugh
that was started by drey and later joined in by me

up to this day i still havent tasted that combination since they didnt have the cinnamon flavoured ice cream
we took vannilla instead
an apt alternative

dozens of apple pies and ice-creams later
i recounted my discovery to my friend bob
while eating a deservedly worth-mentioning tagliatelle with artichoke sauce from cauchi's in mosta
great dish!
were was i
yes bob
over this delicious feast of pasta i told bob of our little sweet dessert invention
and he quickly bust my bubble by telling me that it already exists and is known as "pie ala mode"

there's a fringe philosophy theory forgot the name but it claims the existence of a phenomenon whereby a collective knowledge thing exists
this basically explains why people can correctly guess crossword puzzles a day after they're published
and why non migratory birds on two seperate islands somewhere learned how to poke holes in milk bottle tops at the same time
and why similarly some wild monkeys on some other two separare islands realised that fruit tastes better if washed in water

i think this is what basically happened through the collective consciousness thing i learned how to make my own pie ala mode
we have now dubbed it "pie ala bob"
which we think is much cooler

a good place for pie ala bob is a wooden kiosk thingie near fra ben in buggibba or qawra
it overlooks the bay and it has furniture built out of wooden logs
the perfect pie-ala-bob so far has been their apple pie
with one whisky and one creme caramel flavoured ice cream scoops
absolutely great

still want to try the jubilee cinnamon ice cream pie ala bob