dieting - part 1

my appreciation towards food
is the culprit to why i classify as obese in those medical body-weight charts

this appreciation also stems from a mighty psycho-somatic compulsion to overeat
which has thoroughly been nurtured by years of junk food nutrition and refrigerator abuse

i realise this predicament most heartily when i diet

whenever the subject comes up in everyday conversation
most people seem to know the answer to why i m fat
what i should do
how i should do it
and most of all
of how easy it is

i have dieted a lot and i have also read a lot on the subject
to know most of what there is to know when it comes to sane weight loss
and muscle gain and all the fitness industry mumbo jumbo

at this point in my life i m going on a regimen which i have tried before
and i hope to write about this later on
especially if i do get significant results
i also plan to reassess some diets i have been on before
which is pretty much most diets out there
and review them accordingly

as a antipasto
on this series
i want to start by saying that
if i had to boil down all the literature i ve read so far
the two basic elements of any successful path to weight loss
would be

eat less and
excercise more

perseverance of the dieter
rather than the
effectiveness of the diet

it is this simple

although there are many factors which are to blame for the obesity epidemic that the richer part of the world is facing
the encompassing problem is one of excessive food coupled with sedentary lives and the lack of success and endurance in fat people towards acquiring healthier lifestyles

of course all this basic and elemental knowledge goes out the window
once one is confronted with the luring delectable and gratifying option of a high calorie comfort food

this is precisely what the fitness and nutrition industry has been built on and what it continues to hone on
to up their profit margins

the following three clips illustrate better the matter at hand: