dieting - part 1

my appreciation towards food
is the culprit to why i classify as obese in those medical body-weight charts

this appreciation also stems from a mighty psycho-somatic compulsion to overeat
which has thoroughly been nurtured by years of junk food nutrition and refrigerator abuse

i realise this predicament most heartily when i diet

whenever the subject comes up in everyday conversation
most people seem to know the answer to why i m fat
what i should do
how i should do it
and most of all
of how easy it is

i have dieted a lot and i have also read a lot on the subject
to know most of what there is to know when it comes to sane weight loss
and muscle gain and all the fitness industry mumbo jumbo

at this point in my life i m going on a regimen which i have tried before
and i hope to write about this later on
especially if i do get significant results
i also plan to reassess some diets i have been on before
which is pretty much most diets out there
and review them accordingly

as a antipasto
on this series
i want to start by saying that
if i had to boil down all the literature i ve read so far
the two basic elements of any successful path to weight loss
would be

eat less and
excercise more

perseverance of the dieter
rather than the
effectiveness of the diet

it is this simple

although there are many factors which are to blame for the obesity epidemic that the richer part of the world is facing
the encompassing problem is one of excessive food coupled with sedentary lives and the lack of success and endurance in fat people towards acquiring healthier lifestyles

of course all this basic and elemental knowledge goes out the window
once one is confronted with the luring delectable and gratifying option of a high calorie comfort food

this is precisely what the fitness and nutrition industry has been built on and what it continues to hone on
to up their profit margins

the following three clips illustrate better the matter at hand:


Anonymous said...

I find myself in a similar predicament. I'm a theoretical expert in dieting, but I'm obese and have never been able to diet properly. I blame the lack of a comfortable income...

So, speaking of theoretical expertise, a comment regarding your "eat less".

Eating less might be counter-active.

First of all, it will weaken your resolve.
Secondly, it's not so much about how much you eat as much about WHAT you eat.
Thirdly, and most importantly, it will seriously slow down your metabolism, meaning that it will become practically IMPOSSIBLE to burn what you eat let alone excess fat.

A better dieting policy would be:

Eat more, eat more frequently, eat clean.

Of course, junk food is out. Polyunsaturated fats in general are out. Regular small meals, maybe five or six or seven, during the day, and night, will help to speed up your metabolism to an extent that it will burn whatever food you eat AND excess fat. Eventually, if you speed up your metabolism enough, you'll even be able to burn the odd junk meal without any adverse effect.

And that's all there is to it... or is there? Personally, I find it very difficult to eat regular clean meals, especially if I have to spend much of the day outdoors. The possibility of eating every hour or three is not open. Clean food is not easily available either - junk food is easily available around every corner, and it's far cheaper.

So, it also boils down to laziness.

Glen Galea said...

hi jean
thanks for commenting

regards the eating more statement that you used
it is rather misleading

from personal experience
without any doubt i can tell you that the 5 to 6 meal a day diets
include less calorie intakes
than a day when i would eat 2 meals or 3 meals
without any self discipline

the loss of weight is achieved by a simple calculation of calories consumed to calories expended

by eat less i did not mean drastically
if you had to eat a single meal a day with less calories than what you eat on your 3 meals a day days
you would eventually lose weight
your statment of impossibility regards to losing weight because you slow down your metabolism
is false

it does not help to slow down the metabolism
but its not like your metabolism will ever come to a halt
unless you die that is

the metabolism is obviously important in weight-loss
i m not saying anything to the contrary

what i am saying is that on such a more meals per day diets you still do not consume excess amounts of calories
and the portions are rather small
so what is misleading in what you are saying is the eat more part
this should refer to eating more frequently not to
consuming larger amounts than what you would regularly eat as a fat person

eating more meals pre day yes
eating larger amounts of calories per day will not help
regardless how you split them out throughout the day

so the "eat less, excercise more" maxim is extremely valid

Anonymous said...

Nope, Glen, you read me right the first time. I did mean "eat more", although of course, this has the qualification of "eat clean".

Now what I said was "Eating less might be counter-active". Of course "eating less" IS good advice, but it is conditional on so many other factors which you did not include.

An example: if one were eating three meals a day and has now reduced them to one meal a day - without any reference to what one was eating, except simply to decrease one's food intake, one's calorie intake - then this will still probably result in disaster for the dieter.

Lots of other conditions have to be taken into account, particularly the metabolism of the person - eating less for a person with slow metabolism spells failure. I know one person who is chubby, but contrary to common sense, eats very very little and exercises somewhat regularly. The cause is simple - the metabolism has been slowed down to the extent that any food eaten is being stored.

So I disagree with "the loss of weight is achieved by a simple calculation of calories consumed to calories expended". It's TRUE, and I've no time for the "calories don't count" brigade, but it is an oversimplification. Besides the metabolism issue, there are loads of other factors which one has to consider, from water intake to body type.

I suggest reading Tom Venuto's Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle - one of the few no-nonsense diet book I've found out there.

Glen Galea said...

"Besides the metabolism issue, there are loads of other factors which one has to consider, from water intake to body type."

this is why i have found that boiling it down to that phrase makes sense
keep in mind that i am talking about a long period of time and sticking to a diet as also very important

eating more and eating clean equals eating less
when you eat clean as in fruits and vegetables etc
you do consume a lot less calories especially due to the high water content of "clean" food

calories in, calories out is not that much of an oversimplification
that friend of yours who has slow metabolism gets less calories out
due to his slow metabolism
that doesnt make my statment oversimplified
it caters for your friend aswell
it s not that statment which needs changing but your friend who has to somehow increase his metabolic activity by eating more regularly or excercising more
or in certain cases medical should be sought especially when one has an underactive thyroid gland

my aim was to simplify
i understand that i did not supply an accompanying detailed definition
that was to come up in the next part of the series

i should probably also keep in mind to include that the advice i give is most suited for compulsive overeaters with well-functioning thyroid glands

as stated in my post
i am on a diet at the moment
and that is a regular small meal one
it has worked well on spans of days where i have stuck to it

i hope you realise the irony of this all
two fat guys fighting over weight loss theory
the mother of sublime sumo fights

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Anonymous said...

Hehe, good one, Glenn!

This is where we disagreed, and I'm possibly wrong. Two examples:

Joe eats fatty foods in small portions (maybe a BK XXL double cheese burger with bacon per day) and takes care to not eat more than 1500 calories per day. His RMR is 3000 calories, so even without exercising he's at a calorie deficit of -1500 daily calories.

Anne eats salads and lean meats in sizeable and frequent portions, and reaches up to 2500 calories per day. Her RMR is 1200 calories, and during exercise she expends 500 calories daily, so she's at a calorie excess of 800 daily calories.

Therefore, Joe, who eats fatty foods and does not exercise, will lose weight, while Anne, who eats healthy food and exercises daily, will gain weight.

Is this about right?

CODama said...

I was obese, weighing more then 235kg (I had to go to hospital to weigh myself cos no domestic scale could take my weight) and at that time I was eating only eating 1500calories and trying to exercise but it never worked and never will work if you do what European dietitians claim a healthy diet by eating what I consider horse food. If you want to loose weight and shed over 100kg as I did your only option is a low carb diet and being the person with good taste that you are, believe me you can't find better way to get back in your shape