Serial Killer: Eggs and Chips

salvatore mangion
a very ironic name
for someone who undid his safety through the unlikely act of eating

you know cos salvatore means savior
and mangion probably comes from the italian verb mangiare: to eat...

salvu killed someone called francis caruana and attempted to kill his own sister in a separate incident
for this he serves time in jail
then one day he's joking to some inmate about how back in the prison free days he cold bloodedly murdered this old woman by stabbing her no less than 37 times for the measly sum of Lm200 about 466 euro
which he then spends on a single night of binge drinking and for paying a taxi to get him home

somehow the police get wind of this and get the story out of him

of how in 1986 he stalked rosina zammit
the victim
gained her confidence and played butcher's pinata with her so he could go out clubbing to shitty eighties music in the evening

skip 24 years and rosina's memory is avenged
by the cunning use of a pack of cigarettes and a plate of eggs and chips

i read this story
as i m sure some of you may have on the times this tuesday

and i ve been thinking of eggs and chips all week
and i knew all week that come saturday morning i would cook anthony bourdain's recipe to the french fries he praises so much
that i did and i fried some eggs in butter for the serial killer effect

in short borudain's method involves cutting the potatoes thinly, putting them in ice cold water, blanching them then frying them on high heat in peanut oil

i didn't peel my potatoes
cos i like them that way
so that it helps my daily fibre intake

cos i like them that way

anyway here is the serial killer
eggs and chips
(and sausages, bread, salad and watermelon for dessert)