youtube cooking show

drey i think it was
joked about the idea of becoming the next Ms. Nancy Griglioso or Smash Tv's Sarah-mispelled

however i then gave it some thought
and i started to consider seriously a diy home made youtube cooking show

i fished out for ideas from friends
because if i actually get to do this it would need soemthing singular and half outragous to go with it and till now all i got is mikle's idea which is good but not too practical

this idea consisted of having a cute/pretty/hot girl (think big tits nice ass)
wearing a bunny costume (ears and tail and pink bikini suit) and by my side assisting me in the cooking
then when she would like make a mistake or something
i would slap her bum and she would cry out this naughty moan

as politically incorrect and as perverted as that is
i like it
and very much too
however i think its very unpractical and difficult to find such a couragous and physically fitting girl

so here is why i write this

if members from my small readership
have ideas of what could be done to mainly spice the idea up
please leave comments

consider that i am not very charismatic
that i stutter easily and that i am not a fast thinker so its difficult for me to be witty on the spot

for recipe ideas its not a problem but i d need something
to crank it up.