youtube cooking show

drey i think it was
joked about the idea of becoming the next Ms. Nancy Griglioso or Smash Tv's Sarah-mispelled

however i then gave it some thought
and i started to consider seriously a diy home made youtube cooking show

i fished out for ideas from friends
because if i actually get to do this it would need soemthing singular and half outragous to go with it and till now all i got is mikle's idea which is good but not too practical

this idea consisted of having a cute/pretty/hot girl (think big tits nice ass)
wearing a bunny costume (ears and tail and pink bikini suit) and by my side assisting me in the cooking
then when she would like make a mistake or something
i would slap her bum and she would cry out this naughty moan

as politically incorrect and as perverted as that is
i like it
and very much too
however i think its very unpractical and difficult to find such a couragous and physically fitting girl

so here is why i write this

if members from my small readership
have ideas of what could be done to mainly spice the idea up
please leave comments

consider that i am not very charismatic
that i stutter easily and that i am not a fast thinker so its difficult for me to be witty on the spot

for recipe ideas its not a problem but i d need something
to crank it up.


Elis said...

Courage? CHECK!
Fit Body? No Check...

Meh. I have no idea. I think you're witty and talented (oooo lol) enough to pull it off alone actually.

The idea in itself sounds cool too, pretty hilarious in an endearing way. If anything comes of it post the link.

And... I hope you'll recieve comments which are more helpful than this one.

Glen Galea said...

the velina idea is scrapped i need new ones

Erezija said...

how about doing the whole recipe backwards? so you start with the full completed plate of whatever, and then gradually move back to the raw ingredients.

Glen Galea said...

cool man
i like
i ll call it something like
gastronomic deconstruction
and ill quote derrida throughout

magnumT said...

You should have the velina quoting Derrida at random moments instead.

Hey sex sells man.

Kenneth said...

Go for it!

Erezija said...

how about creating various recipes based on philosophical concepts

Glen Galea said...

i like your thinking alex
hmm also since i scrapped the deconstruction one cos like it did not really work
i tried it out
a well scripted memento-narrative cooking show
but it really pulled out the fun out of cooking

yeah i do like philosophy
so i ll be giving the old and not so old masters a read
see whatr they inspire

Erezija said...

something more up your alley:

find dishes that feature in famous or not so famous movies, and present the recipe... that should be interesting... for instance, here's what so and so was eating when he was shot... you catch my drift?