Salading Saladong - second leaf

i left the last installment
on prohibitory and guide-line notes

this time i would like to review, praise and bash some restaurants properly

firstly i will start with 8th ball snooker hall
in qawra near the bus terminus amidst the souvenir shops
this place i bash entirely

however walking away from the shop around that same block's corner
is one of the nicest and full-catering vegetable shops ive seen
its a green grocer with a business mind
i forgot the name here aswell
but you can find many exotic vegetables and fruits
some of which
sometimes neither the well established supermarkets care to stock
they have a refrigerated prepack-salad section
containing ready to eat lunches, salads, fruit salads, yogurths and also some authentic looking sushi o-bento boxes

anyway back to the snooker hall
when me and drey went there
(yes we eat together a lot)
((but no, gay we are not))
the 14 soemthing waiter boy greeted us with a "x ingibilkom?"
this sounded stupid
to cut a long story short because this place does not deserve so much of my energy just bucketfuls of my bile

the salad i was served was a mess
it was the meal that inspired me to write the first leaf
the lettuce was shred
the sliced onions and tomatoes were neat
and i was given vinegar, oil and mayonnaise

the only good thing was the smoked salmon
those thin slices type
but only because it came out of the freezer and left to thaw
could have been miles better if they prepared it in the mildest of ways
but no
these assholes are allowed to give food to people commercially
and they can't do anything right in a fucking salad

this cost me an expensive
involuntarily payment of Lm2. 50

i left a 5cents tip
which had to signify as insulting

no tip
just shows you're an asshole who is also a cheapskate
5cents is like spitting in the waiter's and the chef's face
and telling them "you deserve this coin as a fucking symbol of your craftmanship's worth!"

we re moving this way to the better salads section
and to the pleasant part of the food-related-emotions-cortex in my brain

burger king have a good grilled chicken salad
this salad was very indulging
for a corporate greens in a box
costing a bit of a lot
what excelled in it was the chicken
which was char grilled the rest was at least satisfactory

hmm another place i ate at
is andrew's bar in psaila street b'kara
these people own a food shop that caters for workers and postcard townsfolk
the place is always full
at noon on weekdays
the food at this place is truly excellent
no slop, no mess, and no expectedness
infact the food is
i must say
the best of its kind
considering the place it is served in
a simple traditional bar and restaurant

the routine is neat aswell
you queue
order up
find a seat
and wait
the waiters are also very nice people
sometimes they tend to be drunk already at the wee hours of the afternoon
however they have always been as orderly
as the queen of england would be
if she was a man and dressed in monti-clothes
and worked in birkirkara

i had eaten here before
their sumptuous menu
is well varied
and every meal i had the priviledge of experiencing
was immensely life altering
ok thats an exaggeration
but really
truly good food
again i tell you
no slop
no mess
no expectedness
and indulging as fuck

ok that does it some justice

now the salad here had the typical Andrews Bar signature
the triple B
it was big, beautiful and bloody good
all their plates come in this standard make
the salad apart from the ignorable and completely acceptable shredd lettuce and coleslaw
included green and red peppers, cucumbers, the usual tomatoes and a very presentable array of miscelleanous vegetables in a single mound of garden pleasure
the specificity of that salad was the ham
which was regular ham
what we all recognise as perzut
and that's the only thing i would have changed
i would have put proper slices of gammon or back bacon instead
but hey i m definetely not complaining for Lm 1. 60

lastly i must really suggest, adivse and exhalt
the restaurant off the university campus
behind the meet and eat place i mentioned before
they pose as a high brow eating place
and in a sense they are and they well deserve to
i haven't eaten a lot here
but i ve eaten their Ceaser's Salad a number of times
and it contains the best amalgamation of lettuce, croutons and chives
in a big beautiful virgin-white plate

personally these people have single plate-dly convinced me to
eat more salads as a part of my regular diet

i have not formed this into a proper habit
but it is only because every experimental hit i take
unless i m cooking
it does not come close to matilda's Ceaser's Salad
this dish is almost an entirely different ball game

but of course it isn't
its still uncooked plant-life on stoneware
but mark my words
when i say that salads cannot be reduced to this definition alone

yours herbivorously


E-in said...

hey Glen i don’t think anyone could have described Andrews bar better then that… I especially like the part of the queen dressed up in monti clothes. May I add; the worst Caesar salad I’ve ever had was at TGIF… it was full of this really rich Parmesean cheese that burnt and drenched Worcestershire… it wasn’t worth lm3.50. didn’t leave a tip, I guess I’m just cheap :P

Glen Galea said...

yes ian
i tried to grab andrew's bar in words
and it was a bit difficult
thanks also for the TGIF tip

nurse pica said...

i think matilda's sucks. everything is way, way too overpriced. i had a take-away salad and it was nasty and cost almost lm3.

as for tgif, my bf ordered oreos for dessert. they were super hard. in the suggestion flier i wrote "your oreos gave me a compound fracture when i accidentally dropped one on my foot."

Glen Galea said...

salads are always more expensive and yes matilda's is over priced
i dunno what salad you took
but the caeser's saladwith chicken or prawn
that i took was very good the 3 times i went there
and i was very happy to pay more and get good quality