Steamed Swordfish with pink sauce

fish can be amazing sometimes
this infact was
the swordfish steaks where a bit tough infact and next time i would alter some of the process

i first proceeded to thaw them slightly because i was in a hurry and they where frozen stuck
then i put them on a grill and covered to steam in mid air over a pot
after they a little
i put some local home made olive oil
the type you would buy from a farmer (the taste is strong and also a bit weird and the consistenct is thick and juicy)
i brought this to heat and added a small knob of butter and let it sizzle
to this i added the fish steaks
and let them fry for a few seconds
just so that the oil mixture seals them slightly
this was done merely for flavor since steamed fish
can be a little bland

after doing this on both sides i put the fish back in the makeshift steamer
and covered
in the frying pan i added 3 chopped cloves of garlic
and one sliced onion
i let this fry
stirring constantly
not letting it turn brown or anything
then i added a diced tomato
medium sized

after this sauce base is cooked
i added 2 tablespoons of home made white wine
cooking with such ingredients is always a bit risky as the flavor is never reliable
so tasting such ingredients to test their potency is paramount

this semi-stew kept simmering aside

i got 4 benna-water-floating-mozzarella-balls
you know the type
and skewered two each on a kebab stick
i dipped these in fine ground pepper
put these aside

i "dyed" thin slices of gammon in dark soya sauce
the skewered peppered mozzaralla balls are put on the slice of gammon
and put these in an open convection grill
i also added the fish at this point (but i would skip this next time)

the simmering sauce i kept on adding a tablespoon of white wine here and there for about 3 times
and 1/4 of a cup of lemon juice
and towards the end i put two heaped tablespoons of white sauce
this is how it becomes pink

i decorated the plate with the prepared food added some lemon garnish
and sea salt
and it was amazing
especially the sauce

excuse me for not supplying a picture i will try to next time

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