that weekend - latino themed restaurant a side-street down from the parliament

i ve not written in a while

i ve been stressed (just not too relaxed as i usually am)
with the theatre finals and all
but now i got myself on track in a certain sense
so i decided i should write ome entries
unfortunately i have some entries that i not only promised
but i cannot not write about

so this about that weekend
i think it was about 3 weekends ago
not sure though
but something like that

it first started with a meal at crianza
twas a friday
thing is i dont think it was called crianza
i think it was called something else
its like a latino themed place
in valletta a side street down from the parliament
of course you can comment and correct what the name was

its a pity i dont have the exact name because this was a great culinary start for that marvellous culinary weekend

a maltese saying that i really hate is:
"...qas biss naf x'kilt il bierah!"
this means: "... i don't even know what i ate yesterday!"
and it is used to qualify the shitty memory of the speaker on something totally unrelated

if you can't remember what you ate yesterday its because you don't appreciate food and thus deserve to die

harsh insensitive meanderings aside
i remember well what i ate that friday at that latino themed restaurant
i ordered a Voss sparkling bottle
this was since they didnt stock perrier
but the waiter/boss showed me this really slick bottle that looks like a clear transparent lava lamp slash designer perfume bottle

i was served the second one from the left
tallest one
this is a norwegian water that some two young guys from norway decided to ship in fancy bottles to america and make shitloads of money from
i don't say this to demean it cos its a fucking great sparkling water
i thought that perrier was the best thing i d ever get
[elan just sucks]
but this was fucking ace
it should be served at room temperature
ice is strongly advised against as the guy suggested
i asked for ice anyway but then asked to throw it away aswell
the ice totally fucked it up
since it immediately changed the taste of the amazing voss water with the inferior and slightly salty ice cube
hmm maybe if you could freeze voss ice cubes then use those
that should be nice
i know i m dedicating too much for a fizzy water
but this was truly something else
it manages to stay light and sparkling and refreshing yet lukewarm
i don't know how to explain this further
i mean i know it is just water
but this is norwegian man
like you know all the way from norway

no but seriously this was good
i guess you ll have to fish out 2 lira to get one and try it to see what i mean
totally worth it
another cool thing is
that when you screw open the top the bottle fizzes up, the air bubbles floating up to the surface in synch and acts like some living-room water ornament in your very hands

for the starter i took a mussel in white wine special
and this was magic
at first i expected those mussels
to be the shitty ones some restaurants usually serve from the freezer
prepacked half broken black crustaceans
these were bigger and tasted superb
i had quite a lot as well
next was a char grilled fillet with no sauce
full marks aswell

that very night i was informed that the next day i had to make desert for a meal at the bonnici's
they hold specially prepared meals for a group of their food lovin friends
well its mainly maria
the one of the probably best of the year figolla
(from a previous blog)
she is the gastrnomic mind behind these meals
(continued in next blog)


emillugrukkbewlblilma said...

the palce is called PIAZZA LATINA Glen

it's ace. everyone should check it out

emillugrukkbewlblilma said...

the palce is called PIAZZA LATINA Glen

it's ace. everyone should check it out