my new car is a bit shitty
it drinks up fuel like i do with any potable beverages
maybe we have something in common

anyway i was invited by my dearest friend il-gabubu
the one of the sauce-quote
to go celebrate the end of his a-level exams

this is one reason why i love such friends
they make an occassion out of anything
as long as it is another excuse to stuff my self out
i m game

the place was a very poshy
chinese restaurant in corinthia in attard
being attard
i decided to walk it there
one for the so much needed exercise
and two because my car is a bitch

google earth s new higher resolution image of half of malta and all of comino but none of gozo
is great especially if like me you live in the high definition half
i have used this on this occasion to find the shortest route from my house to corinthia in attard
it is great because with a bird's eye view of everything
or rather a sattelite's view
you can discover roads and streets you have never walked
and would never walk

i ve used google earth twice in this way
making a rough copy of the road i have to take i left on a very nice journey which was to end in a great meal

rickshaw has everything a posh restaurant would want
jacket and tie doorman slash waiter
or more like a butler looking figure
a tall slim and hot looking waitress girl
one regular looking drinks girl
and an asian nationality waitress for that little bit of authenticity

the menu is an asian fusion or contains different elements from eastern countries but its mostly chinese as i gather

i remember that all the food looked excellent and nobody complained about anything
my only complaint is that the sparkling water was Lm2 per bottle and i shared 3 with my friend ian
which was quite expensive

i mean it wasn't even voss like

starter was an exquisite crunchy calamari dish
the calamari were fried in some form of crunchy but very good batter
i hated the lettuce they garnished thsi plate with
a big leaf of it just sucks
proper garnish please
but well the calamari were really somethign else so i have to give it to them

for the main dish
i think it was called
sugar, ginger, garlic spicy chicken
or something like that
i m not kidding though its true
and i made sure i ate evry last chunk although
it was divine
i m sure its very difficult to get the same effect at home on a first try
this is what i look for in restaurants
if i can cook it or better at home
then fuck you
unfortunately there are shitloads of restaurants that do this
but anyway this is neither here nor there

ohn yes then i also had consumed two plates of fluffy rice which were great
i missed properly steamed rice that truly fills you up
you need a good rice steamer for that
or some kick ass method to do it in a regular pot which i don't have
i look it up actually and share it with you when i find the time
problem with this was that i was filled up on rice but i finished all the chicken anyway
pity i had no space for desert then

ah yes and also in the beginning they served us a lot of prawn crakers with these delicious sauces
especially a black chutney based one
maybe with the black bean or something
not sure though
and the sweet and sour one which was very different
very very different than the usual red goo
that stock chinese restaurants provide
this was pink and milky
but clear

the problem with chinese food is that most restaurants serve the oiliest, greasiest graviest chunks of everything they can find

luckily this wasn't
everything was suberb

mihao to rickshaw

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Andre said...

This is a great blog! Keep it up!

I love Chinese, I've never been to Rickshaw yet though.

Next place we're trying out is the new Chinese restaurant at the waterfront.