that weekend - first meal in maria and anton's new kitchen or that big badass cooking contraption

anyway the morning after the latino place
i woke up
researched a bit what i could do dessert-wise
i initially wanted to get something very special but i couldn't get this special thing since it was out of season
maybe i ll let you know what i have in mind if i ll do it after another bonnici meal if i manage to get that special dessert

anyway i knew i had plenty of alternatives so i knew i wanted to make something with the in-season loquats, (naspli):

some strawberry, and the always spot-hitting mangoes
also adding some kinder maxi garnish since i was eating a lot of these from the confectionery i worked in (continued below)

when i arrived there
we were served with tiny little home made buns
which were perfect with butter
bun after bun
i could have finished the whole basket had the first dish not come out

this was a truly beautiful invention
big nice home made tortelloni
stuffed with 4 types of mushrooms
and pistaccios
the sauce was a bacony white sauce thing
with asparagus
i can clearly remember that it tasted meatful
infact it was so great that i will try and capture its essence in a poem:

Ode to the Quadruple Fungi-ed Tortellone:

If the tortellino was fashioned after
venus' navel;
Then the you were probably fashioned
after a fat slag's belly button...

Wait, wait i didn't mean that!
I mean...
You are so sweet, yet so so so good and big and full
your meaty insides are like ...

i suck at poetry
lets get back to disjoined, unpunctuated prose

when i think of that tortellone
i feel my mind melt and slip down into my mouth
in one meaningful, meaty-mushroom-melee magic-masterpiece
the definite magnum opus of the night and of the weekend

things i heard being said about the tortellone:

"designer food istja!"
"baqa xi ohra jew?"
"miniex ha nibda niekol mhux ghax nirrispetakhom imma ghax jekk inlesti qabilkom u intom tkunu gahdkom ghaddejjin nibda niffuckja!"

main dish:
we had some argentinian beef fillet
which i chose to be cooked as rare
this had a liver sauce on top

what was great about this fillet that made it much better than the one of the night before was
that although that restaurant's fillet was good and included the char taste which maria's dish lacked
it included tissue damage in the fillet
this is because the chef beats the fillet with a kitchen hammer to soften its make-up
this technique is used to pass off meat that is not so prime as more tender
of course all it does is break cuts in the internal fibres of the fillet
it does help
but only to make it seem softer
a lot of texture is lost but of course the risk of
the meat being chewy is reduced
of course people do this because they can't get their hands on quality-cow like the argentinians do

its great that they shopped at arcadia
i want to give that supermarket a visit
one of these

things i heard being said about the fillet:

"f'ghoxx il-vegiterjins!"
"ma niflahx innizel bicca ohra imma haj jkolli"
"issa ikteb bloggata fuq din ta!"

and now for the desert:

hmm the fruity aspect of it was done with the initial intention of doing something healthier than usual
i totally fucked this idea up
infact i threw any healthful philosophy out the window

i made an ovaltine biscuit and crushed almonds crust for the base
then the main filling was a lemon and strawberry mousse

the strawberry was mashed and marbled in
this makes it delightful
the lemon makes it stiffer and easier to mold onto a base
i topped this with loquats, sliced strawberries, sliced mangoes and grated chocolate: that kinder finger chocolate know as maxi:

i also poured in a chocolate sauce made from 3 different chocolares and milk at the sides
hmm the result was great

things i heard before the dessert:

"u le x'frott haqqalla!"
"frott gibt jew!"
"bicca zghira ta!"

things i heard during the dessert:

"ha niehu bicca ohra ta, ahjar ghalih mario jekk raqad?'
"jekk dan kien esperiment kompli esperimenta!"
"qas jekk qtilt mitt tarbija biex ghamilt dan il kejk, kienet tkun giustifikata!"

its a pity that we were so intoxicated with the meals and with expectance of the next dish that i forgot to take pictures of the dishes
although a picture of the dessert exists somewhere on martin's mobile
however kari sent me this image of mario
of what happened to him just after the fillet
this is what happens when you indulge on rich food at the late hours of the night!:

if one is what one eats
then i guess we all were a little bit slumpy like the tortellone,
tender-headed like the fillet,
and on the brink of falling apart like the dessert hardly held together with gelatine

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