new contributors

i ve been chillin out maxin relaxin all cool
and all shootin some b-ball outside o' the school...

and not really writing too much
so i issued forth a call for writers
to fill the vacant posts of additional contributors
of food writing content for zaqqu mimlijja

me and my administration team
of five veteran recruiters and a woman
beckoned forth the three hundred and thirty six or so applicants
to an underwater cave in msida yacht marina
where after lengthy tests, investigations and daunting multiple interviews
i asked each of the dozen runner ups an ambiguous and vague question about tropical fish
in private of course

from these finalists
only two answered* correctly
the rest were sent home in despair
only to find packs of hidden ninjas waiting to surprise-murder them and their loved ones

the names of the recruited are kari and stanley
their selection was also helped by the coincidence that they were good friends of mine and that they can cook killer food and talk about it as if they were verbally transcending prophetic psalms

they will be writing in here soon enough

*for the curious readers
the correct answer to the ultimate question was that individual oscillators with momentum(p)t and displacement (q)t vibrate with frequencies of the optical spectrum, also being infinite matrices, attributed to stipulations in heisenbergian matrix mechanics

or the alternative "tropical what?!"

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