i went to barcelona: acorn pig

and among other things i sampled
the finest ham to walk the earth

there are many types of iberico ham and according to the trusted authors at wikipedia
its the most expensive slice of pig you can get

in a restaurant a plate of thin slices was in the 16 euro range

per kilo from the markets it in the 50 euro range

a foreleg is about a 100
and a hindleg is about 150

my one regret is not getting a metre long smoked leg of pig with me
the long internal dialogues between the id ego and superego
got me credit-card shy
and i did not exit gudja brandishing pork limb

when the fork lifts a thin slice of this baby to the most important orifice in your body...

let me just say that it is very good
common consensus around the tables was that it is was superiour to parma ham

fibrous yet melty

the taste is delicate and solid at the same time

the black pigs are fed a varied diet and live a luxurious free-range life
for farm animals at least

their diets consist mostly of acorns
and the acorn is what imbues this ham with its magic sensory voodoo

some are fed more acorns and some less but in the end their destiny is one
to become the king and queens of the bacon realm

now i dont think i have ever tasted an acorn but the first time i will it will remind me of iberico ham and barcelona

and i think to myself
what happens if i raise a pig on pecans or almonds
or mangoes?
... caviar?!

a spanish friend of mine from salamanca
where they have the most reputable of these hams told me this nice story about an experiment done on 2 groups of cloistered nuns

one fed iberico ham prolifically
and the other not at all

then they fed the nuns to the pigs again killed them
used them as fertilizer for oak trees and the acorns where fed back to the pigs and...

humourous fabrication stops here

the first group of ham fed nuns
reduced their blood pressure and cholesterol levels or something like that
due to the oleic acid in the iberico ham fat which arrives there from ingested acorns

now prior to barcelona i got alarming cholesterol level results from my doctor
although my blood pressure problem normalised
my cholesterol remained the same over a one year span

so you can second guess my ensuing logic

angel another spanish friend of mine
gave me the best souvenir i could get hold of
over a kilo of ham from the teruel area

he was quite clear
the ham from his hometown was better than the salamanca one
mostly to spite alfredo
but most importantly
it also has cholesterol reducing properties

i am sampling it everyday
in hope of a cholesterol-free future

i m also consuming those plant sterol yoghurt drinks that my doctor prescribed just to be on the safe side

hasta luego
or something to that effect


warpkari said...

aw man...

how does the teruel ham compare to the stuff we had in the restaurants?

i am currently sampling the serrano ham we bought from the market. it's nice but obviously in a different class from the godly slices we were served back there.

warpkari said...

btw... i'm looking forward to a comprehensive review on the rest of your gastronomic experience in barcelona ;-)

Glen Galea said...

its good
its good
on par with the stuff at the restaurants
or maybe the one we took at barkeno one of the last nights might be better than what i have

though i m only basing this on memory
will get you some tomorrow so you can taste for yourself
will also get you this sugar free torrone which overcame expectations beyond all believable bounds
they substituted sugar with maltitol
instead of the artfificial crap
hadn't realised this when i bought it

warpkari said...

great, cu then...