How much heat can you handle? Mexican Themed Night

Cocktail for the Night: Margaritas made with tequila mixed with citrus juice as well as fresh lemon juice, served on ice with salt on the glass rim.

Food Menu

For starters we had some grilled bread with fried serrano ham, jalapeno peppers and cheese.
Then an assortment of home made dips served with nachos:
tangy avocado based dip with sour cream (similar to guacamole)
red kidney bean dip
and a spicy salsa dip.

It was at this point that we dished out Beelzebub's favourite dip: the Habanero

A few weeks back whilst holidaying in Barcelona we came across a stall selling chillies in La Boqueria, a large market in La Ramblas.It is there we spotted the Habanero Variety.Habanero is one of the most intensely spicy species of chili peppers of the Capsicum genus.

Beelzebub travelled on a very efficient Click-air Flight and landed at the Maltese Airport safe and sound. Upon arrival my father, a chili devotee, crushed him into a seedy red pulp and placed him into a jar without any strings or ribbons. A few days in the fridge for him to get saturated and vengeful on the main author of this blog..

Glen scooped out a whole tablespoon of the notorious habanero with his nacho.
At first he seemed to be able to keep his composure.
But then all hell broke inside his mouth.
No milk in sight. He was seeing red. (ix xitan m'ghandux halib)
For relief he stuffed his face with roasted almonds and galletti. He sipped at the Margarita vigorously. To no avail.
He huffed and puffed his way to the bathroom to freshen up.
I never saw Glen leave the dinner table so quickly in my life.

Next up was the Chili con carne made with minced beef, habanero chilies, tomatoes,red wine, garlic, onions, carrots. red kidney beans, cumin, coriander and some cinnamon for a new twist.

The Tacos with chicken and tomatoes spiced up with taco seasinings were accompanied by wild rice with a medley of vegetables and hot spices

For desert we took out some Turrón, a Catalan nougat confection, typically made of honey, sugar, and egg white, with toasted almonds or other nuts shaped into a rectangular tablet.

1 comment:

Glen Galea said...

that sauce was burnin!

it comes the second hottest thing i ve ever had
the other was this plate called 'the murderous man' in a japanese tavern type place

it had a bunch of cooked vegetables that were coolish when put in he mouth but got fiery the more you ate

or maybe they were on the same level
but i had access to running water at your place so it helped in a way