sheep's bollock: part deux

and the verdict is:


rumble rumble


it was ok
texture was very light and the tissue tears easily under your gnashers
it was not disgusting at all
except for the last bites
i think a whole testicle is a lot for one person

it should be shared among a group
a few slices each
as part of a bigger meal

not that it gets worse the more that you eat of it
but its just that i get put off larger quantities of certain foods
for example, i love sashimi
and i love oysters
but i wont eat a dozen pieces
more than four is an overload
same goes for this

the taste is a little bland and not very exceptional
of course my recipe could be improved
but in of itself
a sheep's bollock
has little to contribute to the spectrum of tastes

the texture is what makes it
if anything

i m not saying that it doesn't taste of anything
it does impart on the sense
a generic meat flavor like chicken breast
but then mildly nutty

that was monday night after i wrote part one
tuesday night i bought and fried myself a french 500g t-bone beef steak
it helped wash the ghost psychological taste of bollocks
from my being

and so i leave you with this little gem of foodie wisdom:

t-bone is better than testicle!


Roberto Galea said...

Mur obsor!

Kari McKay said...

lol @ 'mildly nutty'