A Medley of Fried Stuff

it's been a long time
so here's a recipe

shallow fry separately in olive oil
sliced red potatoes
pieces of salmon
and mussels

spiral out from the middle of an aesthetically pleasing plate
in any order you deem presentable
the fried ingredients
and alternate with sliced raw avocado
then sprinkle with lemon juice
till you feel that nothing could be better with the universe

garnish with a mint sprig
sunflower seeds
small dollops of good proper mayonnaise
chilli jam
and sorrel

then destroy it under your molars
digest and let that fucking tastiness override your every unconscious thought
wantonly devouring and destroying it will lead to a cathartic state of abandon and purity
it will lead you to reflect upon the transitory nature of material life
the world's impermanence and its absurd futility

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