peppered watermelon

it could be a name of a new band
but it isn't
its just what it sounds like it is
and it's great

i was cooking some vegetables and sprayed some bbq sauce-spray over them
i must have sprayed a bit on my fingers
since then i proceeded to eat some refrigerated sweet-sweet watermelon
and on the first bite i tasted a peppery aftertaste
probably that bbq sauce had something like pepper in it
and i must have smothered it on the piece of watermelon i was about to eat

so that is where i ran out in the streets

what i did was i showered the watermelon with fine ground black pepper and
the result was astounding
who ever would have thought...
well maybe some did
but i know that i have
and have tried it
and lived to blog about it
and its good


ok from what i gather from google it has not been tried like this before
so i can claim this recipe as mine!!!


darnity damn!

the combination is a subtle one
and must be enjoyed on a clean palate (as in clean mouth, not clean plate with a typo)
the pepper as the king of spices and the sweet watermelon as the queen of summer fruits
make this remarkable royal marriage
and fine

i heartily suggest this to you

remember you will need finely ground pepper not fresh from the pepper mill
and cold refrigerated sweet watermelon
and experiment with the amount of pepper that you add

the spicy pepper contrast fits nicely with the cold sweetness of the melon
and the dryness of the spice with the watery-fleshiness of the fruit
make it a well enjoyed deja-vu kind of experience
familiar yet new

this sorta things makes me chuckle like a little boy
i hope it does that to you

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