Karnival tan-Nadur

the nadur carnival in malta
can be one of the best experiences
i dressed up as an alien
specifically a bith from the star wars saga
biths are found playing clarinet-like instruments in cantinas
except my costume also had angel wings

that was saturday
i prepared this itsy bitsy teensy weensy elaborate meal
for the people staying at the farmhouse i was at


which means ("and so...")

first course included:

foie gras topped with an apple sauce
a cutlet of medium rare tandoori ostrich
cherries parcelled in bacon strips
and oven cooked glazed onions

main course contained:

a larger than usual bragiolu (in english this has been given the inapproriate title of "stuffed beef olive") with asparagus
a sautee of potato wedges cooked in reduced lamb stock
an undercooked tomato filled with beef salmon egg and chestnuts
and a lettuce salad


dark chocolate cheesecake
with biscuit base and fresh fruit

i will not go on about how good this was
but i must say that those who had the joy to sample my creations seemed to agree:
having me as a friend reaps its benefits

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