Il Buco - luckily the name is not apt in the negative sense

and once again
i come back to grace the pages of blogspot!

before attending a not so well enjoyed punk gig
Saturday night at Poxx Bar
and after driving away from my last work shift at the nationalist propaganda machine that is Net News
i stopped by this little shop in the corner accross and opposite the culinary infamous Champs
in paceville

now to deviate a little
there was a time were fast food and street food was scarce in our little clubtown
i remember many a night enjoying Champs' almost plastic like pizzas
while intoxicated on similar quality booze
i dont eat there any more unless i really want to eat that sort of thing
which lately is a craving i almost never get

today however there are a number of eateries in town
which give a bit of a more interesting variety

i had noticed il buco about a week ago and i had an inkling memory that the place was a cheesecounter/salumeria sandwich bar
but wasn't too sure
i passed by but instead of going in i bought a burger and a chicken drumstick from the barbecue they had set up on their parapet
then whilst eating i caught good glimpses of the inside and realised that i was right on my hunch
and that i missed a better eating opportunity

last Saturday i returned to the place
to complete my testing mission
and the results were extremely satisfactory
Il Buco is now up there in the top two street food eating experiences in paceville
the other one being the previously blogged Al Rifugio's

on the downside i must note that Al Rifugio changed their Salame Piccante to another variety which although very similar is not exactly the same and makes the pizza a bit different
this had become my favorite pizza topping
furthermore they have increased the prices
a large pizza now sells for a around a whopping fiver

back to the hole
Il Buco has a wholesome display of pickled vegetables and delicatessen
different cheeses
maybe like 20 different cheeses
and another well varied selection of salamis
and section of pickled delicacies
they offer baguettes and Maltese ftiras and apart from the sandwiches they offer pasta dishes
i haven't tried these but they looked like quality stuff

i think that one of the owners is Italian
which is always comforting
what i am sure of
is that the young
short and bleached haired girl at the counter
is as cute as they come
which is always welcoming

i hope that this business thrives

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